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    Simply being aware of the green revolution does not make us any more environmentally friendly. In fact, it makes one look and feel hypocritical to zip around town in our gasoline guzzlers, talking about being environmentally friendly and reducing toxic fuel emissions into the air!

It is therefore a happy phenomenon that an increasing number of people are now giving up their gas-guzzling conventional cars and trading in for alternative vehicles for special uses like delivery, running the kids to school or the teen's first vehicle in preference to its unsafe cousin the motor bike.

Trident Tricars fill a niche in the market. We have taken a novel approach to merging a motor bike with a mini car, providing economical transport with an environmental conscience.

The vehicles feature low cost, fuel efficient 4 stroke engines up to the more expensive cutting-edge electric and hybrid gasoline/LPG or CNG technology. This proprietary design allows consumers' to drive the vehicle emission free for up to 150 klms a day provided the car is fully charged. This means it will not only cut down on pollution and global warming but on a consumer's gasoline bills as well.

We now have an option to purchase a full-length solar roof that will help charge the car and provide cooling for the interior cabin by powering the air conditioner. Additionally, Asian Dragon International Corp., (The ownership company of Trident Tricars International) offer consumers solar panels for their roofs or
garages where they can generate electricity to charge the car overnight...;
again resulting in cost and emission free, comfortable, safe

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"Our vision is to bring our customers the most innovative,
low cost, low to no emission, safe, alternative and FUN!
Urban transport vehicle."
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